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A static website is a website that is designed, created, and then hosted by a website designer and is usually programmed using a static language like HTML or XHTML. Once the website is online, any changes that are needed require a website designer, or someone that knows how to edit, create, or delete web pages.

Static websites are much simpler to create than content-managed websites due to the fact that no database needs to be created. The static website price is what attracts most businesses because, at such a reasonable price, they are able to make huge profits and make progress. Its price is lower than other site designs, however, with limited features. Once you have enough retained earnings, you can switch to other more advanced designs that will standardise your website because then there will be less or no need to stick to a static website design. There are a number of advantages of static websites over dynamic, content-managed websites for SME's, dependent on their business There are fewer expenses. It's simpler to create and host rapid downloads on low bandwidth.

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